I <3 Saltistry Sampler Packs

Since when did salt become the enemy? Ever since carbohydrates were exiled to the Island of Misfit Foods, salt appears to be the new target. So many articles I've read lately seem to pin salt as the scapegoat. New York City is even forcing its restaurants to reduce their use of sodium by 25%.

It just seems like this attack against salt has gone too far.

I, for one, love salt. That said, I'm definitely NOT one of those people who salts my tortilla chip before dipping in salsa. I don't salt my plate before even tasting it. I actually can't remember the last time I ever salted my food at a restaurant, or anywhere else for that matter. But one thing I do love is experimenting with salt, and I'm thrilled that in the midst of the salt prohibition, there is also a salt revolution.

In my Christmas stocking, I received a gourmet salt sampler from Saltistry. The Classic Salt Sampler, to be exact. It's awesome and has five global flavors of salt, great for sampling as a "finish" to any meal.

  • Lemon Thyme: Maldon flake salt is a light crystal reminiscent of snowflakes. The ancient process of evaporation using sun, wind and an open evaporating pan create delicate pyramids that are unparalleled in texture. We infuse thyme leaves and Meyer lemon zest with these light and crispy salt wafers. Perfect for carrots, eggs, lamb and salad. Origin: Essex, England
  • Herb Grey: It's light grey color comes form the clay found in the salt flats. It is collected by hand using traditional Celtic methods. We infuse Sea Gris with oregano, thyme and basil to bring a beautiful balance to hearty, full flavored dishes. An amazing addition to any roasted meats and grilled or roasted vegetables. Origin: Guerande, France
  • Six Pepper: We hand grate Indonesian Long Peppercorns over the light delicate Ishikawa Suzo Shio from Japan. We crush Telicherry, pink, green, white and various other pepper to create the most classic salt infusion we offer. An all purpose salt for every dish especially for the rim of a Bloody Mary, soups, salads and eggs. Origin: Okinawa, Japan
  • Genmaicha: The color comes from 'Alaea red clay found on the Hawaiian islands and has been used for centuries in native ritual feasts. We blend it with Genmai green tea with toasted brown rice which adds an amazing nutty flavor. Genmaicha makes an excellent finish for all dishes especially roasted pork, edamame, and melon. Origin: Molokai, Hawaii
  • Smoked Chili: A coarse Korean salt with a crunchy and dense crystal is infused with chipotle chili. The chipotle, aka smoked jalapeno, lends an amazing smoky heat to the salt. Fantastic addition on eggs, potatoes, pork, chicken, corn, crab, lobster and fresh shell beans. Origin: Dochu, Korea
Aside from the Classic Samples, Saltistry offers two other lines of salt samplers:
  • Harvest Salts: Lemon Thyme, Apricot, Heirloom Tomato, Tangerine and Lime Flake.
  • Exotic Salts: Coconut Black, Preserved Lemon, Genmaicha, Fennel Pollen and Lavender.
This isn't to say that there's anything wrong with good 'ole regular salt. I just won't eat it; I prefer to cook and season my food with sea salt. Sure, it sounds snotty but I can absolutely tell the difference between processed salt and natural sea salt. And why would you ever eat processed salt again when you can have natural sea salt or a gourmet sampler from Saltistry? I'm just sayin'.

So, if you need a great gift for the salt-lover in your life or just want to explore the notion of "finishing" salts, you can get these Saltistry packs at NapaStyle or iFancyFood. Ironically, Saltistry products were featured in Real Simple and have sold out on their actual site. So get them while you can!


  1. great post! it's the processed salt (and processed foods in general) that need to be addressed and regulated. though I do laud NY for their other health mandates (banning trans fats and forcing restaurants to list calorie counts) the salt change was a head scratcher.

    on a relatated note this is the best salt I've ever had - bacon salt!
    I use it when I cook fried rice to give it that extra yum factor, either directly in the rice or fried in the eggs which I mix into the rice. It's kosher too, so next time you use it invite T and her V over for some bacontastic eats!

    Dr Richard Munassi

    ps - love the pictures, what camera are you using to shoot?

  2. What a cool sampler pack and absolutely great gift!

  3. Ironically, I purchased these same salt samplers and put them in my mother's stocking!

  4. Cool! A salt sampler is just so cool.


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