Crumbs of the Day: Wednesday, January 20

Tokyo's Green Tea Kit Kat bars are labeled as a "strange snack of the world," but I'd love to try them! - The Village Voice

"Bouchon is hands-down...the best French Bistro in Los Angeles."Check out why. -LATimes

WOW - Japan's adaptation of an American burger. Definitely worth a look. Not sure about a taste. -SeriousEats

I love the idea of a transparent toaster. Until it's debuted, I'll keep waiting for the opportunity to watch my toast get toasty. -ApartmentTherapy.com

Move over Unwrapped! History Channel is getting into the food game w/ Food Tech, deconstructing America's fave meals! -SeriousEats

Weight loss leader battle royale! Weight Watchers sues Jenny Craig for misleading references to studies... -NYPost.com

Chefs have been using medical tweezers to garnish dishes for years. Not sure why this is big news now, but interesting nonetheless. Seems like a huge help to chefs! -NYTimes.com

Food Network hits new low w/ recycled fast food recipes. Sorry but I don't want 2 chop up/recycle innards of a Big Mac! -FoodNetworkHumor.com


  1. When I was doing a connection by Japan, I tasted these Green Tea Kit Kat, I wish we had in America, it tasted really good!

  2. 1) Green tea (the powdered variety, not the dried leaves) goes very well when mixed in with chocolate

    2) Mos Burger is the supreme burger in Japan. (If your asking yourself what could "Mos" possibly mean? The answer is: Moon. Ocean. Stars.)



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