Crumbs of the Day: Tuesday, Jan. 26

Only 91 years in the making, Japan's "world's best blended malt" whiskey is finally coming to the U.S.! -Wall Street Journal

The iPhone rocks the cocktail world with phone-it-in drink apps. Cocktails at home? High-end booze recipes? Done & done. -SFGate.com

Saveur Magazine is sharing caviarandcodfish.com's Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes recipe. Simply put, it looks divine. A little sprinkle of truffle salt and I'm done! -Caviarandcodfish.com

I'd try this but I like eating too much! Mandometer helps fast eaters slow down to slim up. -www.unplggd.com

Let the debate begin: Tests add confusion to diagnosing childhood food allergies. Your kid might not be allergic at all. -WSJ.com

Courtesy of http://globalfjord.files.wordpress.com

Love meatloaf? Hate meatloaf? Luckily, you don't have to eat it; just LOOK at these hilarious "meatloaf creations!" -Meatloafcreations.blogspot.com

Pantry Staples: Five must-have vinegars for every kitchen. Great tips. -TheKitchn.com

WOW! Results of a six-month long journey to find the best pizza in New Jersey coming Friday! Wonder if they went to the JerseyShore? -NJ.com


  1. Hey Christie, I saw this Casting Call and thought immediately of you..


    There's a casting call at the Farmer's Market on Sunday.. Bring your best dish and your amazing story and you are a shoe-in!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Dave! I'm so bummed; I'll be out of town this weekend and not back til Sunday night! Otherwise I'd so be there; if you hear anything else about other audition dates, please let me know!


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