Crumbs of the Day: Saturday, Jan. 16

Breast Enhancement Through Dessert, Not Surgery
LAWeekly promotes F Cup Cookies, available in two flavors (soy milk, and pralines and chocolate), promote larger, fuller, firmer breasts to their consumers. -LAWeekly.com

Photo courtesy of LAWeekly.com

Thomas Keller Strikes Again...
Which LA restaurant is "so absurdly, stupidly delicious that we might as well stop eating now?" -ExileKiss.Blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of Exilekiss.Blogspot.com

Mac Cupcakes!
As a Mac user (and lover) these adorable cupcakes warm my heart. And whets my appetite. -Cupcakes Take The Cake

Photo courtesy of CupcakesTakeTheCake.Blogspot.com

To Cook or Not to Cook?
Is culinary school really worth it? Or should you spend your hard-earned $42,500 elsewhere? -The Atlantic

Photo courtesy of TheAtlantic.com

Patronizing, Much?
Food Network's new show, "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills" will showcase the "non-rich," too. -Eater.com

Photo courtesy of Eater.com

Love Fondue?
Check out Food and Wine's favorite fondue joints. I want to try Artisanal's 30 cheese fondue! Whoa! -Food & Wine.com

Photo courtesy of FoodandWine.com

Ever Wonder Why Restaurants Double Fry Their Fries?
It's more scientific than you'd think! -A Hamburger Today

Photo courtesy of AHT.SeriousEats.com

American's Aren't Getting Fatter; But We're Still Obese
Americans aren't getting any fatter, as the number of obese people has leveled off. But, we're still obese. Hmm... -NYPost.com

Creamier Soup Without the Calories?
Ever have this dilemma? You want creamier soup, but without adding calories? Try these tips! -TheKitchn.com

Photo courtesy of TheKitchn.com

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