Crumbs of the Day: Monday, Jan. 18

Why All The Ketchup Hate?
Sure, it's different than onion jam & homemade aioli, but ketchup has its place. Cast your vote for or against ketchup! -A Hamburger Today

A Chocolate Chip Cookie Cook-Off?
SeriousEats.com held a serious cookie contest and has declared a winner! Watch out for drool...

Top 10 Most-Googled Recipes of 2009
Chili? Cheesecake? Meatloaf? Pancakes? Salsa? -Restaurants & Institutions

Donut Upside Down Cake. Yes, I'm Serious.
Oh.My.GAH. A cake made out of donuts?? This is crazy & amazing. I want. -CakeSpy

Celebrity Chefs Make Revealing Documentary On Hunger
Colicchio and Batali to produce 'Hungry in America' documentary. Did you know 49 million people go hungry every DAY? Seventeen million of whom are children. Wow. See the trailer below. -LATimes.com

Want To Be a Superstar Bartender?
It's all about measuring, shaking, stirring, straining and muddling. With a twist. Check out these tips & maybe you'll get some of your own! -SFGate.com

Indulge Too Much Over MLK Weekend?
Here are 15 health(ier), fresh & flavorful meal ideas. -TheKitchn.com

Recipes from 1916 Reprinted
"Most recipes are not easily workable for the modern cook, but the collection is an enjoyable peek into the domestic culinary history of California." -SFGate.com

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