What Better Way To Clean Up Your Crumbs...

...than with MYdrap tear-off napkins and place mats?

I think this is another fantastic gift and love this clever twist on traditional disposable napkins. But instead of contributing to the planet's trash pile, these perforated napkin and place mat rolls are washable and come in your choice of yellow, pink, turquoise, lime green, orange and blue cotton and/or linen. At $25/roll they're not the cheapest, but sure are fun! Available at bloomingdales.com.


  1. Hi Christie!
    I looked for these at Bloomingdales.com but couldn't find them. Could you point me (us all) to the page where they exist, or to a product number, or some way to find them on Bloomingdale's site? Thanks! Love your blog!

  2. Hi! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. The brand is called MYdrap Washable Napkin/Place Mat Rolls and you can also find them at http://www.rolldrapuk.com/. That is the actual company website and they while it is an English company, they accept U.S. currency. Hope that helps!

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