The Best Chocolate EVER. Seriously.

I struck gold last night. I was wrapping Christmas presents and going through a bag filled with gifts that we've acquired for friends and family over the past several months. You see, Bryan and I are not last minute Christmas shoppers. Whenever we see something that we know one of our closest friends or family would love – be it during a trip, a football game or at the mall – we grab it.

That's what happened when we were in the Bay area a few months ago. We were in Napa Valley – St. Helena to be exact – and made a stop at Woodhouse Chocolates. This chocolate shop offers chocolates, caramels and other delights that are arguably amongst the best I've ever had. They've even been the inspiration for a lot of the salty & sweet desserts I've made, like my chocolate chips+sea salt+walnuts+hot fudge drizzle cookies.

And last night I came across a small bag filled with Woodhouse chocolates that we had bought as Christmas gifts. Sitting on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper, I immediately found myself in a moral dilemma. Do I eat the chocolates? Or do I stick to the original plan and give them as gifts? I consulted my husband and he made the decision: there were four little boxes, so he suggested that we open one and give the other three as gifts. Done and done. Those Caramel Helenas were polished off in about 10 minutes.

Chewy caramel between two buttery, almond crisps coated in dark (or milk) chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. These are best described as evil, addictive devils. Or edible heaven. Your choice.

Now I know everyone has their favorite chocolate place, but I swear by Woodhouse Chocolates. I've knowingly caused the chocolate addiction of at least 15 unsuspecting individuals to Woodhouse's Chocolate Truffles, Caramel Helenas, S'mores and Fleur de Sel Caramels. Check out some of our favorites below and if you're looking for a great gift for family, friends or even yourself, start shopping.

Flavors range from Fresh Mint, Thai Ginger, Amaretto Almond, Praline Noisette, Raspberry Chambord, Mocha Cream and many more. They're simply amazing and come in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Buttery, rich and creamy caramels dipped in dark (or milk) chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt from the coast of Brittany, France.

Childhood; the outdoors, a campfire and a straightened coat hanger were all you needed, along with a few essential ingredients to create a little gastronomic bliss. The S’more. Now take those memories, add superb handmade graham crackers, perfect pillows of handmade marshmallows and the finest, creamiest chocolates obtainable and you have the Woodhouse S’more.

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