I Got My First Order!

I got my first order this week! Our great friend, Jon, is an editor for a TV show and needed some holiday goodies to give to his editing department. I've given many of our friends boxes of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, you name it. Jon loved some of the cookies and asked me to make gift boxes for his department, so naturally, I was really excited. I made four types of cookies, three of which I've already posted recipes and one new cookie, a White Chocolate Chip with crushed peppermint pieces (recipe coming soon!). Here's what I made:

I also made pumpkin spice muffins and got these adorable edible "Santa Claus" and "Candy Cane" decorations. I made homemade cream cheese frosting, added multi-color sugar crystals and stuck the decorations on the top.

For the boxes, I always have a stash of fold-it-yourself boxes on hand in case we have visitors that want dessert, leftovers, etc. I stacked the cookies on one side of the box and put the cupcake on a folded "bed" of holiday tissue paper so it wouldn't tip over in transit. I got ribbon and gift tags at the 99-cent store (a completely madhouse during the holidays but worth the savings!), and even put a little "Pardon My Crumbs" sticker on the bottom left-hand side. Jon picked up the boxes tonight and was thrilled, even calling it his "fantasy holiday gift."

It was really fun and I hope I'll be able to do many more in the future. Hey, baby steps, right?


  1. Congrats Christie!!! That's fantastic... Keep it up! Cheers!

  2. I'm Jon and I can say that these cookies were a HUGE hit.

    THANKS Christie!

  3. Thanks guys! It was so fun to do. I'm so glad the team loved 'em! :)

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