A Great Way to Gift Your Goodies

This year, holiday gifts from The Bishops (that would be from myself and my husband) will be of the edible kind. Turtle, s'more and peppermint brownies, chocolate dipped cookies, homemade peppermint bark, etc.

Delicious desserts are fantastic gifts but once they're gone, well, they're gone. And while it's a great thing to leave your gift-recipient wanting more, it's even better to leave them with something that they can use and remember you by.

This is where Clayswan's Fiesta-Inspired, Hand-Built Porcelain trays come in. They are gorgeous, reasonably-priced and come in a variety of sizes, patterns and fantastic, vibrant colors. I found these in Food & Wine magazine and couldn't rip out the page fast enough. You can find them at Etsy.com, starting from $16. I'm excited to get a few and give them as gifts this season, but I won't be offended if my friends don't see them until they actually eat all the goodies on top. :)

On a separate note, Clayswan also hand makes super cute and innovative "olive" and "pits" containers. Any good host wonders what to do with the pesky olive pits and God forbid we have mismatched olive and pit bowls. Worry no longer, olive lovers. These are adorable and within anyone's budget.

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