Holidays Gifts For Kids In The Kitchen

When I was little, I spent hours in the kitchen with my mom and grandma learning to make homemade gingerbread man cookies, rolling Swedish meatballs, stirring macaroni 'n cheese, and when I behaved poorly, breaking the ends off of a seemingly endless pile of green beans. Whenever something was going on in the kitchen, I wanted to be involved. My brother, on the other hand, was a picky eater, rejecting half his food before he could pick up a fork. Had we some of the gifts below, his eating problems would have potentially been solved and I would have had a safer footstool to stand on. :)

Make sure children are safely involved in your baking and cooking plans. The Learning Tower gives them a front row seat to the action!

Prevent little ones from burning their hands on corn on the cob with these fun animal corn holders. Set of eight; choose from dog, pig or cow.

Encourage your kids to play with (and actually eat) their food. Great way to introduce bright-colored vegetables and fruits into your child's diet.

Forget the train or the plane; here comes the crocodile spoon! Make feeding time fun with this adorable baby spoon. Also comes in race car, plane (watch for small parts) and boat.

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  1. What a great post! I love the ideas, especially the first one for my boy. He'd love it. :)


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