Gift Ideas For The Gourmet Cook

I'm the first to admit I love enjoying an evening filled with course after course of high-end cuisine, with incredibly thoughtful touches, tweezered herbs and rich, umami-esque ingredients like truffles, boar pate and stinky cheeses. Meals like that, however, are out of my current budget and few and far between, so I live a much more realistically-priced (and equally delicious) life eating taco truck fare, burgers from favorite neighborhood greasy spoons and Vegan frozen meals. But a girl can dream, so I thought it was only fair to create the ultimate wish list of gifts for fancy-pants foodies. Some are perfect tiny stocking stuffers, while others are long-term gifts that keep on giving, month after month. Just like #1...

Murray's Cheese of the Month is a 1½ pound selection of 3 varied and delicious cheeses, sent to your door for 4, 6 or 12 consecutive months. Each selection includes a variety of milk types, textures and flavor profiles, with a special focus on seasonal cheeses. Many of our offerings are exclusively for Cheese of the Month club members. Your cheese arrives on the 2nd Thursday of the month (beginning the month after you place your order). Look for detailed tasting notes and beverage pairings so you get to be the expert!

With their rich color and confetti-like fun, this 2" jar of edible 23K gold flakes from Italy's Giusto Manetti add a little magic to meals, desserts and cocktails. Sprinkle a few into a glass of Champagne to make any occasion more festive. Or gild the outside of a sushi roll for a dramatic presentation. There's nothing they won't make more beautiful.

From the heart of Piedmont, truffle-infused accents to enhance the flavor of pasta, meat, vegetables, salads and more. The 3.5 ounce container of salt is grey salt from the Atlantic Ocean; use in hot and cold dishes.

While in Italy last year, we visited the tiny town of Norcia and tasted it's famed boar salamis and pates. We fell in love with the rich, smooth pate on taste with roasted tomatoes so much that we shipped two tiny jars of the pate back to the U.S. This pate, while missing the Parmesan accent that came in ours, is a similar product and mixed with cognac.

The Italian black summer truffle can be found in relative abundance in Italy during the summer, making it remarkably more affordable than other varieties. Don't mistake low price for low quality; these truffles have the same aroma and flavor that have made truffles world-renowned. This puree version, in a peanut oil base, is excellent to infuse flavor and aroma into your dishes or snacks. Use in sauces, canapés, even sandwiches. Imported from Italy.

Sample the best caviars brought forth from domestic rivers and shores with this fine selection of our most popular American caviars. Includes 1oz American Paddlefish Caviar Malossol, 1oz American Hackleback Caviar Malossol, 1oz American Black Caviar Bowfin Malossol, 36-pack of mini Russian blini, and 8oz Container of crème fraiche.

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  1. we strive to provide sustainable, high-quality caviar and fish roe to each and every customer by implementing the most rigorous quality control standards before shipping.


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