Gift Ideas For The Home Bartender

Here are some great gifts to make sure your home bartender has everything they need to make perfect cocktails, from shakers to bar tools to recipes to ice molds.

This 20-ounce, hammered stainless steel cocktail shaker will up the sophistication ante of any home bar. Part of Crate & Barrel's Savoy suite of hammered stainless cocktail essentials; dishwasher safe, food-safe and imported.

Matching hammered stainless steel 3-Piece Bar Tool Set: 3.5"x8.5" strainer, 3.25"x7" jigger and 2"x6.5" bottle opener. Hammered handles dishwasher and food safe.

Widely considered the bartender's bible, Mr. Boston's annual drink guide share more than 1,500 recipes, tools and techniques to take your cocktailing to another level.

Interwoven discs create an imaginative design and affirm the old adage—small things do add up! Take a small step towards saving the environment and your furniture with these “disc” shaped beverage coasters. Made of bamboo, an all-natural, renewable resource, these artistic drink coasters reinvent what it means to live in a modern, sustainable household. Set of four wooden beverage coasters, each measures 4” x 4”. Comes gift boxed.

This Japanese machine was specifically designed to make perfect ice spheres, snowflakes, molecules and soccer balls. Of course, if you don't want to dish out $200 just to make perfect spheres of ice, here's a DIY trick: fill a water balloon with water until it's the approximate size of the sphere you want. Tie the balloon closed, leaving a little room at the top (the water will expand as it freezes). Place in the freezer until completely frozen, then cut off the water balloon and quickly rinse off the ball of ice. Put into your cocktail glass and you're good to go!

Whether you're making a mojito for one or a pitcher of margaritas for a group, these squeezers are a great way to make quick work of a potentially laborious task: juicing. Best of all, the juicers are color-coded according to size of the fruit: Green is for limes; yellow is for lemons, and orange is for -- you guessed it -- oranges.

Use this special zester to add an orange twist to Cosmos, lime twists to Margaritas and lemon twists to Lemon Drops.


  1. We have a very similar lemon squeezer & LOVE it. Great ideas Christie.

  2. Thanks so much Tracy! We love ours, too. :)

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