Holiday Gifts For the Modern Cook

When I think about "the modern cook," what I DON'T envision are cooks with stainless steel kitchens, bare walls and white leather bar stools. Instead, I think about modern art aficionados who appreciate clean lines AND bright, unabashed colors. They buy unique, beautifully-designed kitchen tools -- from espresso machines to blenders to salt & pepper shakers -- that reemphasize both form and function. The good news is that in order to please a modern cook, you don't have to break the bank. Here are a few gift ideas sure to satisfy modern art lovers and kick-start kitchen conversations!

Coming tomorrow: Gift ideas for kids in the kitchen!


  1. For a scientist like me, I would be interested in the Rubix cube S&P.

  2. Ditto Victor, that Rubik's cube shaker is adorable! :)

  3. The Rubik's cube is definitely a great conversation piece! I'm also a fan of the last measuring cup/bowl set from MOMA. :)

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