Gifts For The Eco-Friendly Cook

From recycling food packaging to reusable grocery totes, the kitchen is a place where we can make a big difference in saving our planet. Or if that's too big a prospect, we can at least try to use less energy, buy recycled materials, and turn our food waste into compost. Or, if you've got a bigger holiday budget, why not consider a new dining room table made from reclaimed barn wood?

This generously sized recycled cotton grocery tote from ECOBAGS® can hold more than a regular sized brown paper grocery bag and easily fits over the shoulder. The front of this tote features our own hand drawn and hand screenprinted illustration.

Now you can enjoy sips of even non-alcoholic beverages from recycled tumblers made from your favorite beer bottles. Well, as long as your favorite beer is Rolling Rock. Comes in set of four.

These lacquered bamboo bowls are hand coiled, shaped and finished with food-safe natural lacquer creating a beautiful, durable waterproof finish accented in modern colors. They're good for both hot and cold foods and clean easily with warm soapy water or damp cloth.

Beautiful Compost Collectors bring both form and function to your kitchen. One-gallon stain-free interior holds a full family's scraps while the six-month, odor-absorbing activated-carbon filter lid locks smells inside.

Stock your kitchen with all-purpose towels, now in organic cotton, that work better and last longer than almost any other. Just like those your grandmother used in the days before paper towels, oversized Flour Sack Towels are made without dyes or chlorine bleach from a hardy, lint-free, 100% organic cotton material that’s ideal for washing, streak-free dish drying and many other kitchen tasks. 36"L x 30"W.

Espresso machines waste a lot of energy — even when they’re turned off. Human-Powered Espresso Maker provides a sustainable supply of black gold for straight shots, cappuccinos and lattes. Just add boiling water and press its arms gently down for an easy, quick hit of fresh-brewed coffee anytime, anywhere. 11¾"H x 8"W x 5”D.

From Antique Wood Works, which specializes in creating dining room tables made from reclaimed wood. Below is is a traditional trestle table with a twist - an authentic, 150 year old hand hewn surface. They planed it down enough to be functional, but yet not so deep that it lost the hand-hewn marks. To make the table, they cut the outside faces off hand hewn log cabin logs. With white oak, we got a great look where you can see the original ax marks as well as great patina variations where the wood was exposed to the elements and where it was not.

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