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Bryan and I are big Brookstone fans. Bryan more than me, actually, but that's to be expected from a guy. He even wanted to register there for our wedding a few years ago, but I had to put my foot down because we simply didn't need a parrot drone, a double automatic watch winder, or -- as wonderful as it might sound -- a specialty towel warmer. However, when it comes to hi-tech kitchen gadgets, I truly believe Brookstone has the market cornered; I mean, who else sells talking meat thermometers, coffee mug warmers, recipe scanners, and hands-free soap dispensers (which we own, and LOVE)? Exactly. So if you're looking for gifts to make your hi-tech cook a happy techie, look no further than my ideas below.

Step away from the grill! Now you can have the freedom to mingle with a remote meat thermometer (clipped onto your belt, no less) for your BBQ. Just insert the stainless steel probes in the center of the meat, select the type of meat and how you would like it done (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well Done), and that's all! A voice prompt will alert you when your entree is "Almost Ready" and "Ready." The Grill Alert even has a display backlight for nighttime grilling.

Photo courtesy of Brookstone

About a year ago, a friend recommended that Bryan and I get the Keurig single cup coffee brewer. We had an old school coffee maker that made one whole pot of coffee, but the problem was that Bryan preferred his coffee bold while I liked a little less... intense. We found the Keurig machine at Costco, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's actually made us look forward to making our coffee each morning. The individual "K cups" -- which come in a variety of caffeinated and decaf coffees, hot cocoas, hot teas, and iced teas -- pop into the machine and brews an 8oz. or larger 10oz. cup, depending on your choice. It takes about two minutes to make, with no clean-up or coffee pot to wash.

Photo courtesy of Keurig

So you've just brewed your morning cup of fresh coffee (or tea) and suddenly you get absorbed into a meeting, or in my case, in writing an article. Your poor cup of coffee or tea sits there, waiting and waiting, getting colder by the moment. Well, if you get this mug warmer, you can avoid those sad moments and keep your drink sip-ready no matter where you go. You can use your own standard mug size or cup and because the temperature is adjustable, you can choose to enjoy your beverages piping hot or just comfortably warm.

Photo courtesy of Brookstone

There’s a new way to help you clean that doesn’t involve exposing yourself or your family to harsh chemicals and dangerous fumes. This cordless UV-C Wand uses laboratory-proven ultraviolet light technology to eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens, bacteria and viruses on surfaces in your home, at work or in hotel rooms when traveling. The UV-C Sanitizing Wand can disinfect a computer keyboard in as little as 8 seconds... an armchair in as little as 2 minutes… or a standard mattress in as little as 6 minutes—with just UV light. Rechargeable sanitizer comes with AC adapter, wrist strap, and a nylon storage pouch for taking the clean wherever you go. 20½" long.

Photo courtesy of Brookstone

Is Grandma's buttermilk pie recipe yellowed, fragile and on the verge of collapse? Are you tired of ripping our recipe after recipe from food magazines? Is you bookshelf bursting with cookbooks? Let the iConvert scanner come to your rescue by simply gliding the scanner over any document or photo to capture it in 600 x 600 dpi resolution. Images can be saved to computer or your microSD card.

Photo courtesy of Brookstone

I have this soap dispenser and it's pretty much changed my life. I'm admittedly a bit of a germ-aphobe in the kitchen, especially when my hands are covered in ground pork and beef from rolling meatballs, or raw chicken from cleaning and marinating chicken breasts. The sensor detects when your hands are near and the spout releases a perfect amount of soap every time. It truly reduces the chance of spreading germs and bacteria in your kitchen (and even bathroom). It looks nice, impresses guests and can be wall-mounted to keep your countertops clutter-free.

Photo courtesy of Brookstone

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