Picnic For the Planet: Help Set an Earth Day World Record

If I asked you to tell me the significance of April 22nd, what would you say? No, it's not just another Sunday. It's Earth Day; 24 hours to put all global warming, nuclear weapon and political worries aside and just appreciate the beautiful planet we call HOME. Personally, I can't think of a more perfect way to celebrate Mother Earth than by putting together a basket of our favorite grub (Bay Cities sandwiches, please) driving up PCH and enjoying a beach picnic overlooking the sparkling Pacific ocean.

Turns out the Nature Conservancy -- the world's largest conservation organization -- not only agrees, but is hosting Earth Day's Picnic for the Planet 2012, intended to be the largest picnic celebration in the world. Remember 1986's Hands Across America? It's like that, but you get to sit down and chow. Picnic for the Planet connects would-be picnickers, both of the host and attendee variety, and encourages both to gather friends, pack some food, and head outside to celebrate Earth Day. If you're really motivated, get 25 friends together and you can help the Nature Conservancy set a world record for the world's largest picnic!

Will you help picnic for the planet?
Just as with any good competition, there are a few ground rules:

  • Each picnic must have at least 25 people
  • The picnic must take place within our 24-hour period: 8 p.m. EDT on Saturday, 4/21/12 to 8 p.m. EDT on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22
  • Picnics must be outdoors
  • Each picnic must have three people to witness the event, count participants and fill out a couple simple forms
  • The Nature Conservancy will need at least one photo of your fabulous picnicking

Interested? Download the informational packet, invite some friends and get eating. There are few better things in life than enjoying the great outdoors with loved ones and delicious food. Especially when there's a world record on the line!

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  1. Thanks for supporting The Nature Conservancy this Earth Day!
    -Madeline, The Nature Conservancy


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