Must-Buy: Govino Shatterproof Wine & Champagne Glasses

Photo: govino
I've been anxiously waiting for the right time to tell you about govino shatterproof wine glasses but there's been one slight problem: The weather hasn't cooperated. Talking about my favorite outdoor dining accessory during April's torrential downpours didn't exactly seem right. Now that the warm weather is back -- hopefully to stay -- let's talk about the shatterproof, stylish, stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes and cocktail cups you must buy, like, now!

Bryan and I aren't shy about our love of wine. We got engaged and married in Napa, wine tasted our way through Italy, and have our local wine shop on speed dial. No, really. So when we find a wine product that we absolutely love, we hang on to it. Which is exactly what happened when a friend gifted us with a 4-pack of govino's stemless wine glasses.

We love having BBQs but don't love schlepping our fragile wine glasses to the patio, watching them precariously tip on the edges of patio furniture or, worse yet, accidentally crash to the brick floor below. At the same time, we'd rather put our "glass" wine glasses at risk than drink out of thick, foggy plastic versions that make our good wine taste like crap. Govino solves that for us with their paper-thin, sleek polymer glass design that not only makes your wine and champagne look stunning, but actually reflects their color and aromatics just like crystal glasses do. The ergonomic thumb indentation is also a great touch and lets the glass sit comfortably yet firmly in your hand. No fragile glass crashing to the ground here!

govino's champagne flutes
Photo: govino
Bryan and I aren't the only one's who appreciate govino's design; the glasses won an International Design Excellence Award in 2010. They're elegant, shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and truly a "go anywhere" kind of glass. And for $12.95 for a four-pack you can afford to stock up on them, which is exactly what we did. Now our outdoor patio is outfitted with a slew of unbreakable govino wine glasses and champagne flutes that are just waiting to make their appearance at summer BBQs. And this time if we lose one, it's no sweat.

- Shop online or at govino's list of retailers
- Glasses available in wine (16 oz.), champagne (8 oz.) and cocktail (12 oz.) sizes
- All lines available in 4, 12, 36 and 72 packs


  1. In all types of wine glasses, both red and white, the bowl must be large enough to swirl your wine, opening it up to more air and allowing its aromas to be released. Swirling your wine is not just for the connoisseur or the haughty, it really does serve a very important purpose.

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