Global Tastes: A.O.C.'s April "Flights & Bites" Line-Up

A.O.C. Restaurant and Wine Bar
Photo: A.O.C.
A.O.C. Restaurant and Wine Bar's popular Monday night series, Flights and Bites, has announced its April line-up, available at the restaurant 6 to 10 p.m. Hungry diners and wine aficionados can ‘travel’ around the world, tasting two different flights of a winemaking region and tasting three "bites" of perfectly (and culturally) paired dishes. All of Flights & Bites wine "mapping" is created by master sommelier Caroline Styne, so the choices are nearly guaranteed to be great.

Today kicks off the Flights and Bites line-up with a flight from Canada and the Finger Lakes. Following Mondays include Bastianich wines (April 9), Portuguese wines (April 16), Paso Robles (April 23), and Mexico & the Southwest (April 30). Two flights of wines begin at $12, while three selections of bites range from $8-12. That's a minimum of $22 for some great grub and fine wine. Not bad. If you're looking for heartier dishes, the complete A.O.C menu and wine list is also available.

A.O.C. Restaurant and Wine Bar
8022 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
*Reservations Recommended


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