The Italian Farmers Market

In Rome, our hotel was right on this wonderful piazza called Campo de Fiori. In the mornings it was a bustling farmers market, with white umbrella'd stalls filled with produce straight from outlying Roman farms. The tomatoes, artichokes, zucchini, strawberries and blood oranges were practically screaming at you, their vibrant colors and aromas permeating the air as we walked by. On our first morning in Rome, we walked through the Campo and I could barely get by a stall of tomatoes without shooting a round of 20 photos. I've never seen tomatoes so plump, so bright, so red...all without hormones or pesticides. They tasted even better...sweet, slightly acidic and juicy, juicy, juicy!

Here are a few photos from our first morning at the Campo de Fiori farmers market. In addition to the produce there was a fresh fish stand, a truffle stand and flower stands that were just gorgeous. Sadly we weren't able to buy anything because we didn't have a kitchen, but these photos are one day going to be blown up, framed and hung in our future kitchen. I can't wait.

Just a tiny portion of the stalls at Campo de Fiori


Roma tomatoes

Zucchini, blossoms and all!

Tomatoes...ahhhh, the tomatoes.

Sicilian blood oranges


Fresh fish stand

Pate al Tartufata (Truffle pate)

Beautiful selection of flowers


  1. Totally been! But missed the market. Bah! So sad! Didja bring some tomatoes home? Them blood oranges are actually cheaper than my local farmers market, even after conversion to USD. :sadface:

  2. Hey Christie, I don't remember what kind of camera you got, but do you change the filters for the type of light you have before you take the photos? For instance, my camera has settings for sunshine, overcast, indoor lights, etc. Sometimes that helps me get true colors, sometimes not. The color of your tomatoes and strawberries is pretty good. Just wondering.

  3. SOS - :Sadface: for sure! You've got to go back. It's fab. Sadly I didn't bring any tomatoes home. But I surely ate enough white I was there!

    SP - I've got a late version Canon P&S and don't change the settings on it too often (white balance and ISO not withstanding). I always use the macro version for food shots and make sure there is good lighting (if possible). I sometimes use the sunset option and that makes for a lovely photo, but otherwise the standard settings are pretty great!

  4. How amazing! i hope to visit Italy very very soon. I would love to walk through that market everything looks so fresh and beautiful. I love the squash with the blossoms attached!


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