Fun in the Kitchen: Peel & Stick Chalkboard Panels

I LOVE Paper Source's removable chalkboard panels. Luckily for me, they were a Christmas stocking stuffer from my in-laws. Forget about keeping grocery lists on paper stuck to your fridge, or on a white board or even on your phone's digital "Post-It Pad." These chalkboard panels are adhesive yet 100% removable without leaving any residue. How do I know for sure? Because I've got them in our kitchen and have moved them several times. They keep their adhesive and add flair to any space, whether it's your kitchen, home office or laundry room.

The chalkboard panels come four to a pack for $19.95. Buy one and put them on your refrigerator, like I have for grocery lists, funny notes and to-do reminders. Or buy several of them and put on your walls or cabinets, automatically giving an outdated kitchen a fun face-lift.

Photo courtesy of Re-Nest.com

Even more fun? The set of bright pink, orange, white and purple Bistro Markers ($12.95) that are perfect for giving your chalkboards "colorful" personality.

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