Popcakes: You Can't Beat Cake on a Stick!

Think about the last time you went to a baby shower, a bridal shower, a wedding, or even a birthday party. What do you remember most from the event? Fun conversation? The food? The open bar (at which someone had one too many vodka sodas and acted the fool)? As memorable as the token drunk guest may be, when I think about recent events I've attended, I remember the tiny details, the personalized touches that really boost a good event into a great one. For example, we recently attended a wedding in Zihuatanejo, Mexico and each guestroom had a welcome bag complete with personalized embroidered towels and the favorite snacks of each guest. At our wedding, Bryan and I designed a custom Napa Valley map and welcome letter that included a list of our favorite wineries, restaurants and off-the-beaten-path attractions. Another close friend's wedding had a nacho bar open to guests before the reception, an homage to the bride's love for all-things-chips-and-cheese.

Photo credit: PopCakes

So when I recently co-hosted a bridal shower for a close friend, I wanted to include a fun touch that both honored the bride and groom and gave the guests something to take home. Turns out they were something to talk about, too. I turned to friends at Popcakes, a company that I found at Savor Los Angeles, an annual premiere dessert event. What exactly is a popcake? Simply put, it's a small ball of cake on a stick, dipped in icing and covered with anything from crystal sprinkles, jimmies to incredibly intricate fondant and frosting designs. Think college mascots, baby blocks, soccer balls, etc.

Custom Popcakes
I asked Popcakes to create a series of popcakes that reflected the bride's wedding colors: purple, green and white. I chose three flavors of cake filling: red velvet, chocolate and a marble swirl. Then, as a fun touch, Popcakes attached a small fondant heart disk piped with the initials of the bride and groom to each popcake. The popcakes were then wrapped in cellophane bags, tied with purple, green and white ribbon, and shipped to me. At the shower, I simply arranged them in glasses using the shredded paper from the packaging as a base. They were a small touch, but one that guests really enjoyed, especially when they found themselves eating red velvet cake on a stick. In general, I've always thought food on a stick is way more fun than food on a plate; it makes for fun conversation and even an ice breaker as people try to keep the food on the stick or in their mouths (and not on the floor). Popcakes are no exception, and I'll definitely order from them again.

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  1. Out of curiosity how much did they cost?

  2. The price varies depending on the intricacy of the design/customization, ranging I believe from $2.50 to $4.00/pop.

  3. Love food on a stick, these look delicious and such a cool idea!


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