The Great Peanut Butter Debate: Smooth or Chunky?

The other morning I was enjoying a breakfast of scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast. I was admiring a slice of sourdough toast slathered with chunky peanut butter and it occurred to me that I needed to share my love for chunky peanut butter with the world. So I did what any normal 30-something with a smartphone would do: I posted it on Facebook. This simple Facebook status -- "Chunky peanut butter is better than smooth" -- elicited such a strong and polarizing response that here I am blogging about it. My husband and I are in staunch opposition; he's on Team Smooth/Creamy and I'm on Team Crunchy/Chunky/Nutty. He actually gets heated when people prefer chunky peanut butter to smooth, and I can't understand why someone would dislike the wonderful texture and layers of flavor in chunky peanut butter? I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

Where you stand in the great peanut butter debate? In a current Facebook poll, crunchy/chunky is winning 98 votes to 79. It's a tight race and I want to know which team you're on!


  1. Crunchy!! I like the word way better than "chunky" lol

  2. It's all about the nuts; chunky.

  3. I like both! It depends on what your eating it with..

  4. It has certainly not slipped our memory and taste when we have tasted that crunchy and smooth peanut butter. It is quite enjoyable debate to learn about. Keep it up.


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