Happy National Pie Day! (Plus L.A.'s Best Pies)

Happy National Pie day! In case you haven't heard, pies are the #1 food trend for 2011: savory pies, sweet pies, pot pies, personal pies... basically, pies are predicted to be everywhere! To celebrate the day and get our year 'o pies started off right, I compiled a list of some of my favorite pie shops and artisanal pie producers in L.A. If you're a fan of pie, write these down, check 'em out and jump on 2011's pie train.

simplething's motto is "Sandwich. Pie. Done." I'd like to add in breakfast, salads, pot pies and a fantastic selection of Intelligensia lattes, cappuccinos, etc., but that might muddle the motto a bit. In honor of National Pie Day, Bryan, Charlie and I took a walk to simplethings for breakfast and a sampling of their itty bitty cutie pies ($2.50/each), good for a satisfying 2-3 bites of lemon, salted caramel, cherry, Mississippi Mud, peanut butter chocolate and banana cream pies. While those were only today's flavors, the shop has 16 different flavors of pies in three different sizes: Cutie Pie ($2.50), Simple Pie ($5.50) and Big Pie ($20). A la mode is available for an extra buck.

What a "Cutie:" simplething's tiny banana cream pie
Not in the mood for sweet pies? simplethings has six savory pot pies ($10/each, served with dressed greens) on offer, ranging from traditional steak and lager to chicken curry and portabella mushroom. If you're indecisive, go for the tiny sampler of steak, chicken and 'shroom pot pies.

simplething's Chicken Pot Pie

Not all pie stores need to have storefronts, and All Jarred Up is a perfect example. All Jarred Up sells -- you guessed it -- mason-jarred pies, cookies and baked breads on Etsy in cleverly-named flavors (How Do You Like Them Apples, I Go Bananas Over You, "P" Is For Pecan, etc.) and two sizes, small ($8) and large ($13). If you place your order tomorrow (Sunday, Jan. 23), All Jarred Up will give you a 40% discount on all items in honor of National Pie Day. Go head to their site and get ordering now!

All Jarred Up's "How Do You Like Them Apples" (small)

Robyn Poarch, owner of Porch Pies, is an Alabama girl who's baking pies from recipes passed down by her mother and grandmother's for lucky Angelenos (like me!). Her story is a great one: while working in NYC, Robyn baked pies for dinners, holidays and as gifts for friends that were such a hit, she started receiving requests and then official orders. Robyn brought her fledgling business to Los Angeles, where her authentic buttermilk, sweet potato, southern pecan, coconut, chocolate and lemon chess pies (chess pies have a consistency between custard and cheesecake) have become legend. My personal favorite is the buttermilk, although Porch Pies makes a killer seasonal peaches 'n cream pie June through October. Sorry for the tease, but put it on your calendar for June. Trust me. Call (323) 632-4816 to order your own Porch Pie or visit the website for more info.

Porch Pies' Buttermilk Pie

Porch Pies' Southern Pecan


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