Roy's Hawaiian Fusion: Win a $50 Gift Certificate for Roy's Summer L.A. Ohana Tour!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a tasting for Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant's summer "L.A. Ohana Tour" promotion. Normally I'm not a big fan of writing about promotions but a) I love Roy's; b) I thought the scavenger-hunt-meets-dinner aspect is fun, and; c) you could win a trip to Hawaii. And if you do, you better take me with you!

In the meantime, here's your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to any Roy's location. Just comment at the end of the post and leave your email address. I'll randomly selection a winner this Friday, July 2! Good luck!

So here's the deal: From June 9 until August 31, 2010, if you visit three Southern California Roy’s restaurants – participating locations include Anaheim, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Pasadena, and Woodland Hills – you'll get an Ohana Tour Card to present at the next Roy's location (visit #1), a complimentary Chocolate Soufflé with purchase of an entrée (visit #2) and finally, a $20 gift card with purchase of an entrée and entry into the Hawaii sweepstakes (visit #3). If you win, you're awarded an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii where you'll enjoy a personal dinner with founding chef Roy Yamaguchi. And you get a free chocolate soufflé, a $20 gift card and fabulous meals in the meantime. Sound good?

It's time for Roy's Hawaiian Fusion L.A. Ohana Tour!
If you're still not convinced, check out the photos from the mouth-watering Roy's L.A. Ohana Tour tasting. Chef Garrett from the downtown L.A. Roy's made individual Pupu (Hawaiian for appetizer) portions for each of the food bloggers attending the event, including Grilled Albacore Flatbread, Yellow Fin Ahi Poke, Spiced Duck Confit Tarts, Short Ribs of Beef Au Poivre and Strawberry Basil Panna Cotta. While each dish was delicious, my two favorites were the Grilled Albacore Flatbread – light, bright flavors from the herb paste, a refreshing tang from the tzatziki with great smokiness from the grilled albacore and the smoked feta – and the Short Ribs of Beef au Poivre. You can't go wrong with fork-tender braised short ribs, especially when they come with a piping hot, crispy truffled tator tot. It's a win-win, all around!

The Tasting Menu

Basil Cucumber Collins | Original Hawaiian Martini
The Basil Cucumber Collins was a wonderfully refreshing cocktail, and while some cucumber martinis can be too sweet, this was light and crisp. It was made with certified organic cucumber vodka muddled with fresh basil, fresh limes and topped with club soda. The Original Hawaiian Martini was made from Maui pineapples infused with SKYY Vodka, Stoli Vanil Vodka and Malibu Coconut Rum. It's shaken and served with fresh pineapple. Definitely a cocktail for the tropical drink lover.

Yellow Fin Ahi Poke | Wasabi aioli, avocado & Tobiko caviar

Spiced Duck Confit Tarts | Sage Chevre cream

Grilled Albacore Flatbread | Pickled red onions, smoked Feta, herb paste & tzatziki

Short Ribs of Beef au Poivre | Truffled tater tot & tomato jam

Strawberry Basil Panna Cotta
Thanks to Liz from Formula PR for coordinating all the details; I had a great time exploring Roy's latest pupus and spending time with @foodfashionista and @uncouthgourmands. Thanks for the fun conversation!


  1. Oh, man, I missed some great stuff!

    Thanks for the lovely recap. :)

  2. Sounds fantastic! I always drive by the Roy's in Pasadena and want to get there... would love to check it out!
    -Laura :)

  3. OMG! Pick me! Pick me! I'm a Roys junkie who needs a fix. Puh-leeeeese! Would help my case if I told you my hubby's b-day is in August and this would make a nice dinner date for us? He's a Roy's junkie too. We live like a mile from the Woodland Hills Roys. We could promise to walk there instead of drive, which is really good for the environment. Or maybe ride our bikes or a Segway. Okay was that a pathetic enough plea? If I win, email me @ wyldbrry@aol.com

  4. I love Roy's and I love your blog! I've never commented before, but I also love coupons and Roy's is too pricey for me and the hubby without a discount :-)


  5. Great giveaway! I love Roy's and can't wait to go back!

  6. Came across your blog by chance :) I'm a huge foodie at heart, and understand how the creations of spectacular, delectable dishes and treats can keep your spirits up in the roughest of times. I deal with a very a disease that changes life into chaos (called Crohn's Disease). Even when at times I was too sick to eat myself, I spent hours in the kitchen cooking for my family or eyes glued to the Food Network recovering from various surgeries on the couch. There is nothing like the satisfaction of making a truly heavenly meal, when every bite is bliss. Baking, cooking, assembling, researching the best of the best ingredients - it has all kept me sane, and in my hardest of hard times given me a passion and something to retain happiness, so I can truly empathize with you. When everything else in your life is chaotic and unreliable, the serenity and relaxation in stirring, chopping, or mixing can be a great zen. There's solace in knowing that sauteeing onions in a touch of olive oil and garlic carmlizes them perfectly every time...or that you can count on that recipe for chocolate chip cookies you have perfected to yield the perfect golden brown morsels. Thank you for an amazing blog find and giving us so many reviews to salivate over - especially that Basil Cucumber Collins! Mmmmm! Not to mention those tender Short Ribs! Mouth-watering!


  7. Love Roy's and this sounds like a fun excuse to go back. Who doesn't love a good pupu? ;)

  8. Never been but always wanted to try!

  9. I love your pics! I think we should have gone here instead of Breadbar :P

    Oh, and I guess I'll enter myself while I'm at it. dailygluttony@yahoo.com


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