I Want What I Can't Have: Italian Cravings

I was submitting some photos to TasteSpotting earlier today and came across some other beauties from our Italy trip. They were a great find but maybe I was starving when I found them. Or maybe it's because we haven't actually gone near Italian food since we've been home. Or maybe it's because distance makes the heart – and stomach – grow fonder. Either way, my GOD I miss some of Italy's cuisine. From street-side sandwich stands to fine dining in a medieval town... these meals look (and tasted!) incredible. Le sigh, if only Italy was closer...

Porchetta Sandwich on fresh, hot bread in Campo de Fiori

Prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich in Assisi

Salumi literally straight from an Assisi-based farm

Spinach & Ricotta-Filled Crepes with Lentil Puree in Norcia

Truffle-Topped Crostini Draped With Salumi (Yeah, I said draped. Because that was exactly how I applied the salumi to the bread. LOL...)

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  1. I understand ..... Italian food does not go unnoticed ... and do not forget, excuse my English ... I speak a little ;-)


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