Take a Bao's Crispy Chicken Bowl

One of my favorite lunches comes from Take A Bao. Surprisingly, it's in a local shopping mall but it's just so darn good. I like to say that's in a high-end Westfield shopping mall with a completely renovated food court; it just makes me feel better. :P

Take A Bao's menu focuses on steamed bun (aka Bao) sandwiches, salads and rice bowls. But hands-down, my favorite thing on the menu is "Take A Bowl," which I get with half brown rice/half shredded lettuce and crunchy citrus chicken. Listen, I know fried chicken isn't good for you; I justify it by the fact that I only eat it at Take A Bao. The citrus sauce is fantastic and the entire bowl is a party of colorful vegetables, brown rice and sliced chicken. Not to mention, it's very pretty:

Along with the brown rice and shredded lettuce (you're supposed to pick one or the other; I like to mix it up and get both), you get marinated mushrooms, steamed broccoli, picked radishes, shredded carrots and crunchy cucumbers. I like to get a little bit of Sriracha sauce on the side, dip my chopsticks in it and mix it throughout the bowl. Sure, by the time I finish the bowl I can barely feel my mouth but it's a good burn. At the end of the day, lunch (or dinner) is less than $10 and you're definitely full. And if you just can't accept the fried chicken option, go for the grilled chicken. Just make sure you add the citrus sauce. I might go get some right now...


  1. That looks amazing!
    Go to my blog! I have an award there for YOU!!!


  2. Thank you Teauna! That's so nice of you; love your blog!


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