Hitting the "Downtown Dog" Lunch Truck

Sometimes there's nothing better than a quick lunch at a food truck. It's cheap, it's fast and if you're lucky, it can be just as good as restaurant food. This time we stopped by Downtown Dog, parked right in front of Bryan's old work at the Miracle Mile's E! Network building.

Downtown Dog Food Truck

We were there for less than twenty minutes, grabbing a California Dog: An all-beef snap dog topped with avocado spread, arugula, tomatoes, fried onions and served with a basil aioli.

Downtown Dogs' California Dog

It was like the hot dog version of California Pizza Kitchen, kicking up the traditional snap hot dog with great flavors and cool, crunchy textures. While the toppings were fun and interesting, at the end of the day it's still a hot dog. Overall, we give it a B. Next time, however, we might go for the breakfast dog (all beef snap dog wrapped in applewood smoked bacon topped with a fried egg) and buffalo tots with blue cheese crumbles. Sounds like a winning combo!

Downtown Dogs' Menu


  1. what a cute little lunch truck! definitely makes hot dogs a little more interesting!

  2. I always get my launch at Downtown Dog.It's cheep, qweek,and surelly delicious!


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