You're Making 300 WHAT???

This is the question that I've been getting from more than a few people this past week.


Because I decided to make 300 bags of cookies and brownies for the Laughs For Bald Bryan VIP reception. Since I've been baking so much lately I decided that I'd really love to make a bunch of cookies and brownies as a "thank you" to the people in the VIP section. I would've made 1200 of them, but that was ridiculous. Bryan and I have been really overwhelmed at the response to tonight's (EEK!) fundraiser and wanted to thank people. We weren't sure how, until I offered up my baking services. Since we've had a pretty quiet week, I've had a lot of time to get baking done. I baked for about 7 hours on Wednesday afternoon/night. Turns out that was the "easy" part, as cutting and inserting turtle brownies into little cellophane bags can be a pretty sticky situation. Pun intended.

Regardless, this is my first big baking adventure and it was really fun. If you're at the VIP section tonight, make sure to grab a cookie or brownie bag. There are turtle brownies, peanut butter swirl brownies, sea salt/chocolate cookies, peanut butter cup cookies and toffee crunch cookies. Yum!

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