Top 5 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes!

What's Your Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe?
Photo: Bon Appetit
Two words: Thanksgiving leftovers. To some people, getting through Thanksgiving Day is a necessary evil in the way of getting of their leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. It's tradition. Ritual, even. My family is no exception and everyone has a very personal take on how their leftover sandwich should be made. Here's mine: I lightly toast two pieces of fresh sourdough bread and load it up with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes. No mustard, mayonnaise or lettuce for me. No, sir.

Bryan, on the other hand, alternates between two styles: 1) Traditional deli-style (i.e. cold) sandwich with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickle, etc., and 2) A hot sandwich that he calls, "Thanksgiving between bread." He shmears sweet potato on one piece of bread and gravy on the other, then loads it with turkey (white meat only) and cranberry sauce. No stuffing or potato involved. He reserves them for the sides.

Black Friday Turkey + Poached Eggs
Photo: Daily Candy
Need some inspiration to make your perfect sandwich? Here are five fantastic recipes that will help you get the most our of your leftovers. Just add bread.

1. Open-Faced Hot Turkey Sammys with Sausage Stuffing and Gravy, Smashed Potatoes with Bacon, Warm Apple Cranberry Sauce
I'll admit: I'm not a huge Rachel Ray fan. That said, this recipe encompasses everything that I know and love about a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich.

2. Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich
This Thanksgiving-inspired version of the traditional Vietnamese baguette sandwich is made with leftover turkey and dressed with mayonnaise, Asian chile sauce, cucumber, carrot, and fresh cilantro. Increase the heat with sliced fresh jalapenos, if you like some extra spice.

Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich
Photo: Martha Stewart
3. Fried Turkey with Stuffing Waffles, Sweet Potato Hash, Maple Foam, and Cranberry Glaze
Longman & Eagle’s Thanksgiving menu is the stuff food fantasies are made of. So when the editors Daily Candy asked chef Jared Wentworth what they could do with our leftovers, he concocted a recipe so tempting that they’re considering starving on Turkey Day itself in order to save room for the ultimate leftover feast.

4. Black Friday Turkey and Poached Eggs
Technically, this turkey-meets-eggs Benedict isn't a sandwich, but that won't stop me from putting it between two toasted pieces of zucchini walnut bread. The recipe comes courtesy of Nathan Beauchamp head chef of popular D.C. restaurant 1789.

5. Turkey, Cranberry + Gruyere Sandwich
This recipe, from 'Food Blogga' Susan Russo, had me at Gruyere. Load the sandwich filling with my Buttermilk Ham + Gruyere Biscuits and you've got the ultimate Thanksgiving sammy.


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