The Perfect Ending: Hand-Crafted Blooming Flower Pot Cake

I'm in love. I get a gazillion e-mail newsletters a day from various food companies and PR shops hawking their wares, but here's something that really stood out to me: a potted African violet cake from Napa Valley's Perfect Endings bake shop. Never heard of Perfect Endings? They're one of the premiere bakeries in California's Napa Valley, specializing in uber-creative, life-like edible masterpieces. Their cakes are crazy good and equally crazy expensive, so any occasion to splurge on one at home is worth it. With V-Day right around the corner -- and Easter and Mother's Day hot on its heart-shaped tail -- what better chance to send "flowers" that will really leave an impression? 
Here are the delicious details: The cake's exterior consists of a coffee buttercream "pot" topped with hand-sculpted African Violet blooms (sugar paste is a magical thing) and green fondant icing leaves. Cut into the flower pot and you'll find a velvety-rich, five-layer chocolate devil's food cake with chocolate caramel truffle cream filling. I mean, really? Can't you just imagine taking a bite of decadent devil's food cake, its crumbs held together by rich, caramel cream? Envision it in slo-mo with a sultry bass line ("bow-chick-a-bow-wow!") and you've got yourself a true perfect ending to any meal. 

Perfect Endings Blooming Flower Pot Cake
Shipped frozen from Williams-Sonoma
Cost: $100 
Dimensions: 5 1/2" diameter, 6 1/2" high (serves 4)


  1. This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing - you are SO creative!!

  2. Thanks for reading Missy! Glad you enjoy!

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    i like the way you writing the blog and images...
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