Stroke of Genius: Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

If you're the overachieving type when it comes to homemade holiday goodies, you MUST check out this inspired -- and undoubtedly delicious -- pie crust made from miniature cinnamon rolls. I saw it this morning on Tastespotting, one of my favorite, drool-worthy sites, and couldn't resist sharing it with you. It comes from the food blog Taste For Adventure, which begs the question, "Ever find yourself at a crossroads between sweet potato pie and cinnamon rolls?" For all of us lucky enough to answer "yes," this surprisingly easy recipe is for you. I have to give it extra kudos for the step-by-step photo instructions.

Cinnamon-rolled stroke of genius...

...Turned magically delicious holiday pie.

1 comment:

  1. this is such a great idea..thinking it would be delish with a custard pie too.


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