Fukuburger Opens: A Vegas Truck Lands In Tinseltown

The rule is, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but Fukuburger owner Harry Morton doesn't play by the rules. His first restaurant venture, the innuendo-heavy Pink Taco, migrated from Scottsdale to Los Angeles just a few years ago, and now his Vegas-based Fukuburger (pronounced Foo-Koo) truck is following suit with a brick & mortar venture in Hollywood.

Fukuburger may have ditched the truck but it hasn't abandoned its Vegas-based ingredients, serving a menu of beef burgers made with Larry's Great Western Meats. Burgers range from the "Lucky," "Egg," "Pig," "Mushroom," and "Spicy." Simple and self-explanatory. There's also the obligatory "Crispy Chicken" sandwich for the beef averse, but don't balk. It comes with Fuku's signature (and addictive) crack sauce. Sides include Furikake Macaroni Salad, Jazz fries (make sure to add gravy and crack sauce) and whatever else the chefs' have up their sleeve that day. And for dessert -- wait for it -- shaved ice.

Hungry yet? Check out (Fuku)burger porn below. Just make sure to wipe your Fuku drool...

Fuku Burger | Fuku-patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onions, wasabi mayo and drizzled with Fuku-sauce.

Tamago "Egg" Burger | Fuku-burger with Furikake, Teriyake & wasabi mayo finished with crispy onion strings and fried egg.

Chicken Katsu "Crispy Chicken" | Panko encrusted chicken with shredded cabbage finished with "crack sauce" and Katsu sauce.
More burger porn after the jump...

Kinoko "Mushroom" Burger | Fuku-patty with grilled Shiitake mushrooms, pickled red ginger, Teriyake and finished with wasabi mayo.

Buta "Pig" Burger | Fuku-patty with Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, pickled red onions and red ginger, finished with Japanese BBQ sauce and wasabi mayo.
Karai "Spicy" Burger | Fuku-patty with pickled cucumbers, avocado cream, finished with Habanero Kabyaki. (Photo credit: @paosison) 

1634 Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 
(323) 464-3858

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