Son of a Gun: Got Me "Shook," Line & Sinker

Here's the deal. I'm not the type to make a mad dash for the newest hot spot in town, for a few reasons. First, things are shaky for at least the first few months. The kitchen needs time to refine their menu, servers need time to get their bearings, bartenders need time to refine their cocktails, and the entire restaurant operation really needs a few months to get into a groove. It's like dating someone new; you can just jump in and expect them to be 100% flawless. You need time to let the quirks come out, get to know each other, and ultimately become a lot more comfortable 3-4 months in.

Son of a Gun Restaurant

That philosophy really separates me from the "must-get-the-first-available-reservation!!!!" blogging mentality, but I'm good with it. Not to mention it really -- and I mean REALLY -- paid off when my friends Joey, Mary and I went to Son of a Gun recently.

This is a restaurant that has gotten into a crazy good groove. Granted, chefs and co-owners Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook (Photo credit: Food & Wine) had some practice with Animal, their first restaurant venture dedicated to all things meat. Son of a Gun, however, trades land for the sea by giving the menu an expert fisherman's touch. They've got it all covered: scallops, trout, shrimp, salmon, lobster, clams, octopus, tuna, catfish, and even the occasional river monster, alligator. Ironically, they've also got what's perhaps the hands-down best fried chicken sandwich this side of the Mississippi River. Juicy, succulent and with a wonderfully spiced, crunchy crust. And with Chef Ludo and Chick-Fil-A in town, that's saying a lot.

While I had heard mixed reviews from blogger friends who had walked Son of a Gun's plank too early on, I truly can't think of one critique. Maybe the menu was too expensive? Nah, we just ordered too much. Was the decor kitschy? Negative to that, too; designer Ruth De Jong's minimalist mariner theme -- complete with a whiskey barrel bar and walls lined with floatation devices -- sets the perfect stage for the meal to come.

Speaking of, let's relive the meal, shall we? My personal favorites were the linguine and claim pasta, fried chicken sandwich, Idaho trout, and ironically, the spring green salad. So light but with so much flavor...

The Menu

Lobster Roll | Celery, Lemon Aioli

Shrimp Toast Sandwich | Herbs, Sriracha Mayo

Spring Lettuces | Green Goddess, Avocado

Fried Chicken Sandwich | Spicy B&B Pickle Slaw, Rooster Aioli

Linguine & Clams | Uni Aglio-Olio, Breadcrumbs

Bay Scallops | Balsamic Soubise, Radicchio

Idaho Trout | Carrot, Potato, Caper Dill Butter

Peel & Eat Shrimp Boil | Lime Mustard Sauce

Peace & Berry Pie | Buttermilk Ice Cream

Son of a Gun
8370 West Third Street
West Hollywood, CA 90048
Reservations recommended


  1. Christie does it again! I came over to your blog to start putting together my restaurant list for our next trip to LA (August) and bingo! We really enjoyed Animal last time, so this should be great.

  2. Penelope: Make your dinner reservation now and enjoy your trip to LA! :)

  3. FYI - Son of a Gun only takes reservations by phone, and no more than 30 days ahead. I've got them set for a call-back later in the month. Really looking forward to it!


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