Flavour Gallery: Wear What You Eat

Some people say "You are what you eat," If that's true, why not take it an extra step further and actually wear what you eat? I'm not talking about slathering yourself in chocolate (although it's tempting, isn't it?) or experiencing the proverbial egg on your face. I'm talking about wearing foodie fashions from Flavour Gallery, a lifestyle brand that brilliantly combined its obsession with fashion and food in a line of silk-screen t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, thermals, scarves and aprons.

Flavour Gallery's Creative Director, Alfredo Malatesta, describes the team's thinking behind their line of apparel: “In the last several years we have seen an explosion of a food-obsessed culture—from blogs to television, and even experiencing it in our neighborhood. This one-of-a-kind, premium quality collection is centered around a more relaxed lifestyle and is ideal for chefs, foodies, and individuals who want to also wear something that reflects their personal passion and what they love to eat.”

The casual yet whimsical designs reflect the latest culinary trends, time-honored foodie hotspots as well as seasonal produce, such as the psychedelic halved Pomegranate “Peace” T-shirt mimicking a peace sign with “Peace, Love, Pomegranate” underneath. There's also a fiery Korean design for “Kimchi”; a sketch print entitled “Colazione del Contadino,” inspired by celebrity chef David Rocco’s take on an Italian poor man’s breakfast; and the retro “Gigi’s Oyster Bar, Boca Raton, Florida” design, which was taken from a shuttered seafood joint. The edgier side of Flavour Gallery’s designs range from the exotic—like a print of the “Kaari Baoli Marg Spice Market in Old Delhi, India”—to sketches of chef knives with their monikers; the sharp image of a cow with “Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit” in bold lettering; and the image of a chef’s hand deftly sprinkling fleur de sel down the front of your shirt (or scarf)—which is paired with a quote from Nelson Mandela on the reverse: “Let There Be Work, Bread, Water & Salt For All.”

Apparel is available at FlavourGallery.com. Prices range between $26 and upper $40's.

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